Airport Pickup Instruction


By providing us with the flight information, your request JetBlack to track the incoming flight to start the pickup based on the actual arrival time and not the time given to us during the booking. So, we keep tracking the incoming flights, and the system updates the actual pickup time based on the updated flight arrival time.

As a courtesy call, we provide the international traveler with 60 minutes of free waiting time and 30 minutes for domestic flights. After the given free waiting time the system will start to count the waiting with fee. The waiting time per minute and the rate is based on the vehicle type.

JetBlack provides two modes of airport pickups, as follows:

  • Express pickup from the curbside or assigned pickup locations by the arrival terminal.
  • Or you can have a greeter (Meet & Greet Service) meets you inside the terminal with the name sign to meet and greet you upon arrival (service fee+parking fee).


Airport Pickup Instructions 1
Airport Pickup Instructions 2

Meet & Greet

We have a VIP service to meet you by the arrival hall with the name sign.

Airport Pickup Instructions 3

Baby Seats

Safety is the main key to our service, we provide a car seat when you have your family

Airport Pickup Instructions 4

Avoid Taxi Line

What is worst than waiting in lines to get a taxi from the airport after long flight!

Door to Door Services

JetBlack provides only private service and door-to-door. Regarding the shared service, our system supports the split payment between two partners or more. But we don’t provide any kind of shared service. If you can handle it yourself and we will support the payment split.
JetBlack Cargo provides you with cargo transportation on the same day using our fleet from door-to-door service with the insurance of the delivery within the trip time.

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JetBlack provides an unlimited transportation solution for groups from JFK to any destination within the tri-state area. We specialised in transportation. A professional driver who is trained and equipped with the most recent navigation devices connected to the internet to ensure the updated traffic data. This is how we beat the traffic and provide you with an exceptional traveling experience. Our solution from one passenger to 50 passengers with unlimited transportation options. Our fleet consists of the Sedan, Luxury Sedan, SUV, Stretch Limousine, Van, Luxury Van, Minibus, and Coach Bus.


Tracking and GPS location. JetBlack fleet is equipped with the most recent GPS and tracking devices to provide you with the updated location of your assigned vehicle. Our apps and technology let you and our management office track the fleet to ensure the real-time data provided to you. You can download our app to track your vehicle in real-time. JetBlack Transportation and limo use the up-to-date digital solution and technology internally to arrange the trips and externally on the world wide web. In vehicles, we have the most recent GPS technologies connected to the internet to ensure accuracy and professionalism.


After flying for a long time and expecting a comfortable and lovely trip from the airport to the hotel or directly to the business meeting. We keep in mind this is the first interaction you have with New York City. We like to make it favorable and lovely, our ambassador (driver) will take into consideration your long trip and the stress you have during the flight. Our drivers will be able to provide the main landmarks on the way to the destination and a little bit about the history of New York City. We like to make the first impression unforgettable.
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Newark (EWR) International Airport Transportation

JetBlack provides its huge network of Sedan, Luxury sedans, SUV, Limo, Van, Sprinter Van, MiniBus, and Couch Bus fleets to serve the EWR Airport during the hours. Book or reserve your limo now using the online booking system, or Simply call our call center 24/7 operations.

EWR Newark International Airport is an international airport located about 15 miles (24 km) southwest of Midtown Manhattan (New York City) and located in New Jersey state ( Newark). It actually straddles the boundary between Newark and Elizabeth, New Jersey. The airport is owned by the city of Newark and leased to and operated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Newark Airport was the first major airport in the United States and through 2013 was the New York-New Jersey metropolitan area’s busiest in terms of flights.

The airports in the New York metropolitan area combine to create the largest airport system in the United States, the second-largest in the world in terms of passenger traffic, and the largest in the world in terms of total flight operations. In 2015 Newark Airport handled 37.5 million passengers, JFK handled 56.8 million and LaGuardia Airport handled 28.4 million.

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